11 Reasons to Choose Washington Smiles as Your Complete Dental Health Provider

Finding a new dentist for you and your family is an important decision, and not one that should be taken lightly. After all, you’re not shopping for car insurance; we’re talking about a crucial contributing factor to your total health and wellness. Safe to say, it’s a big decision!

So with that said, what are the most important factors in your search for a new dentist?

  • Do you want a dentist and staff with experience?
  • Is it important that your dental office offers a variety of services?
  • Are you simply looking for somewhere that you’re comfortable?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then you’ve landed in the right place. At Washington Smiles, we strive to understand our patients’ needs and exceed their expectations in every way.

So, if you’re looking for a new dentist in the Washington, MO area, here are a few reasons you should consider visiting Washington Smiles.

1 Four Dentists with 40+ Years of Combined Experience

Finding a dental office is easy. Finding an office with four caring, qualified dentists who all bring unique skill sets to the table, yet work in tandem with each other to provide the best treatment protocols and outcomes for patients…now that’s a different story.

Yet at Washington Smiles, that’s what our 4 dentists do every day.

If you’re in need of dental implants or root canals, Dr. Boain is highly qualified and right here in Washington, MO.

You won’t find the wide array of talent and skill sets under one roof anywhere else in the Washington, MO area. Regardless of what type of dental care or procedure you need, we’ve got you covered!

2 A Compassionate, Caring, Enthusiastic, and Knowledgeable Team of Dental Professionals

doctor-groupOur entire team loves coming to work every day, and part of the reason for that is because we simply enjoy showing patients our love, compassion, and enthusiasm.

While we enjoy being here, we understand that some patients are very apprehensive (and in some cases genuinely terrified) to step foot in a dental office.

This anxiety is usually rooted in a negative experience that occurred in the past at another doctor’s office. While we can’t get rid of your previous negative experiences, we are committed to ensuring that every experience you have in our dental office is a positive one!

We provide a wide variety of sedation dentistry and relaxation options (including noise-canceling headphones) so that patients can relax and feel right at home at our office.

In addition to being the most compassionate and caring dental team you’ll find anywhere, our entire staff (from dentists to hygienists and assistants) consistently stays abreast of the latest advancements and best practices in the field by completing continuing education courses on a routine basis.

Simply put, we’re going to bring the comfort, compassion, knowledge, and expertise to put your mind at ease during any dental procedure. You can’t put a price tag on peace of mind.

3 Our Patients Love Us (Read our Reviews)!

We believe that the truest measure of a successful dental practice is how you are viewed by your patients.

Our patients are without question the most important aspect of our practice, and we take their feedback very seriously.

Fortunately, we’ve been able to serve and delight thousands of dental patients at our dental practice over the years, and here are a just a few of them:

Read more testimonials from our patients

4 A Focus on Complete Health Dentistry


We believe that dentistry is about much more than just fighting cavities and keeping your teeth white. The mouth is the gateway to the body, and if your oral health isn’t up to par, it can negatively affect your overall health in a variety of ways.

In fact, recent research has suggested there may be a link between heart disease, diabetes and oral health. Patients with these serious, life-threatening conditions are consistently found to also have gum disease.

At Washington Smiles, we focus on treating not only the dental problems present on the surface, but we also work with our patients to develop healthy habits and oral healthcare best practices to prevent gum disease, bone loss, and other contributing factors to serious health issues.

If you’re looking for a dental practice that is focused on your total health and wellness as opposed to just keeping your teeth white, then we’re here for you and your family. We fully believe in a healthy mouth and healthy body concept, and we do not let insurance dictate which treatments we recommend.

5 A Variety of Dental Services (from Cleanings to Cosmetic Dentistry to Full Restorations) All Under One Roof

One thing we take great pride in here at Washington Smiles is that we refer very little work out to other specialists. In fact, most dental procedures that our patients need can be completed in our office.

The reason for this is simple: we’ve invested in the right people and technology to treat a wide variety of dental conditions.

Whether you’re looking for a dentist for your child’s first dental appointment (we start seeing patients around age 2 for free), need a cosmetic dentistry consultation for a service like veneers, Invisalign, or whitening, or a variety of other general, cosmetic, or restorative procedures, we can help.

See the full list of services we offer

6 We Utilize the Latest Dental Technology for Advanced Treatment Protocols


While people matter, a dental practice is only as good as the advanced technology it can provide to patients. We invest in technology because it enables us to treat patients more effectively, which it turn, provides better outcomes for our most valuable asset— our patients!

Whether it’s using intraoral cameras, lasers, VELscope® for oral cancer screenings, or our CEREC® machine to make crowns right in our office, everyone at our practice is dedicated to investing in high-tech dental machinery to improve the quality of care we provide.

We don’t invest in the latest dental technology because it’s “cool” or because we want to be the first practice to have it. We do it because we know it adds an extremely important layer of value to our practice, which is helping us serve our patients better.

7 Complete Transparency with All Patients

Smoke and mirrors or misleading information are simply not allowed at Washington Smiles.

We believe that informing patients of treatment options (including pros and cons, costs, and all other pertinent factors) is essential to building trust and long-term loyalty between patient and practitioner.

After an appointment or consultation with us, we’ll tell you all the options available to you, and we’ll discuss a step-by-step treatment plan with you. We don’t try to get patients to commit to the most expensive procedure because, in some cases, that simply isn’t what is best.

In addition to discussing treatment protocols, pros and cons, costs and more with patients, we also do not let dental insurance dictate treatment. Our loyalty isn’t to insurance companies; it’s to our patients.

If you’re in need of a specific dental procedure, or just want to work with a dentist who will give you the facts and let you make your own decisions, you’ve found the right place.

8 We Offer Weekend and Emergency Dental Appointments (VIP Hours)


We affectionately refer to weekend and emergency appointments as “VIP hours.” We understand that dental emergencies don’t always happen during normal business hours, which is why one of our dentists is always on call and available to take care of you at a moment’s notice.

In addition to emergency treatment, we also offer weekend appointments to patients who want to see us, but simply cannot make it during our weekday operating hours.

So, if you’re looking for a dental office that is always available to meet your needs, we encourage you to contact us today to see how we can help you.

9 We Live, Work and Volunteer in the Community

We believe that the work we do matters, and we consider it our responsibility to play our part in making our local community a better place.

As a result of that philosophy, our dentists dedicate time each and every year to serve citizens in the community who need dental care, but may not have the ability to pay for it.

During the Free Dental Day that our dentists and team members conduct every year, we are typically able to provide free dental cleanings and oral exams to over 100 patients.

In addition to this Free Dental Day within the community, our dentists also volunteer their time by participating in other free dental clinics around the country and internationally.

It’s important that every dentist and team member be involved and active in the local Washington community, which is why we place such high value on volunteer work and serving others.

10 Patients Get the Advantages of a Large Practice Combined with a Friendly, Family Atmosphere


You’ve likely experienced the advantages that large businesses offer, as well as the values and personal touch that only small businesses can provide.

At Washington Smiles, we’ve gone out of our way to give our patients all of the advantages that a large dental practice can offer, while still ensuring our patients have a quality, “family feel” experience associated with each visit.

Here are just a few ways we accomplish that:

We offer in-office dental insurance for patients who do not have a standard insurance policy.

As previously discussed, we provide a variety of dental technologies to help better diagnose and treat our patients efficiently and effectively.

We keep costs affordable for all of our patients.

Private consultation rooms are offered to discuss your needs. Whether it’s a cosmetic procedure, concern that you have, or a private (embarrassing) dental problem, we give you privacy to discuss your concerns with one of our dentists.

We treat patients like family because that’s exactly how we feel about them.

Which leads us perfectly into our next point…

11 Patients Come First…Period.

What matters most at our practice isn’t employees, our office, the bottom line, or anything like that; it’s our patients. In fact, we have vision and purpose statements that focus on this exact philosophy:

Everything we do at our practice is done with the goals of providing superior treatments and nurturing relationships with our patients. If you’re a current patient, we want to thank you for the privilege of getting to serve you. If you’re thinking about becoming a patient, we encourage you to visit our office to see for yourself why we are different.

? Are you ready to experience complete health dentistry with the latest technology from our team of leading, compassionate dental professionals?


If you’re reading this right now, it’s because you are looking for a dentist or dental office in the Washington, MO area. That’s good because we are extremely confident we can meet all of your family’s needs.

As we’ve mentioned, we offer a variety of services all under one roof, making your dental experience much easier.

Now it’s time to make a decision. If you’re ready for a future of happy, healthy smiles working with a dental team who is focused on your complete dental health, you’ve come to the right place.

Just give our office a call today or contact us right here on our website to schedule your first appointment.

Even if you’re not quite ready to schedule an appointment yet, call us anyway. We would love to give you a tour of our office where you can see what we’re up to and meet our entire team of dental professionals.