Melissa A. Smith, D.D.S., P.C.


Dr. Melissa Smith has been practicing since 2004 and is passionate about staying current with the latest dental techniques and technology to provide top-notch services to her patients. She is also passionate about diagnosis of oral pain and associated conditions.

She travels all over the country and internationally to attend dental conferences and courses to expand her knowledge of oral conditions and dental diseases. She says, “There is cutting edge research that shows inflammation in the mouth contributes to many diseases in the body. I am passionate about making people healthier by working with their medical doctor.”

Dr. Smith received her undergraduate degree from Missouri State University, and her medical degree from the University of Missouri in Kansas City where she graduated with honors.

Currently, Dr. Smith is a member of:

  • American Academy of Oral Systemic Health
  • American Dental Society
  • Missouri Dental Association
  • Southwest Dental Society

Listen to Dr. Smith’s radio interviews:

She was formerly on the Board of Directors of the Greater St. Louis Dental Society and is a founding member of the American Academy of Oral Systemic Health.

She won several awards including: the 2013 Washington Missouri Young Professionals Award, Women of Distinction Honors, and the award for contribution to the Complete Health Dentistry Movement from NextLevel.

Dr. Smith was born in St. Louis County but lives locally in Washington, Missouri, and absolutely enjoys community service and volunteer work. Here are some of her contributions:

  • She traveled to Honduras with the Washington Oversees Mission, a group of dentists and doctors who voluntarily travel to rural areas in Honduras to provide much needed dental and medical work. She says, “Many people walk hours to come see the American dentists and to alleviate tooth pain.”
  • She, along with her amazing Washington Smiles team, organized a Community Free Dental Day. All of our dentists (and other area dentists) provide free dental services to anyone in need. Up until this point, they provided over $250,000 in free services to our local community!

Some other interesting facts about Dr. Smith:

  • The most exciting place she ever visited was Egypt (she rode a camel to the pyramids).
  • She lived in Germany when she was a child.
  • Her grandma is her role model because she will always tell you the truth. “She is a strong female, and during WWII when the men were away at war, she even went to work on airplanes because they needed help.”
  • Her major: cell and molecular biology.
  • Her least favorite subject in school: calculus.
  • When Dr. Smith is not busy helping patients, she enjoys: all summer activities, being outside, traveling, skiing, boating, doing yoga, attending children’s sporting events, being a room mother at kids’ school, hanging out with her family, reading, and traveling.
  • Dr. Smith has been married to her college sweetheart for 14 years now. They have 3 children and a cat named Mitsy.
  • If she wasn’t a doctor, she would be a back up dancer for Madonna and Beyonce! But really, she would definitely be involved in healthcare to some extent.

Her favorite part about being a doctor?

“Dentistry is constantly improving. It is a very exciting time to be a dentist from the standpoint of how much it has improved over the years to make it comfortable and predictable. It is also so great to see people making the connection between healthy mouth and healthy body.”

Why did Dr. Smith become a dentist?

“I always wanted to be a doctor or dentist. I really became fascinated with dentistry as a child at my orthodontist’s office. I liked the immediate results you can often get to reduce disease, eliminate infections, and improve a patient’s smile.”

Dr. Smith’s biggest statement of credibility?

“I am passionate about what I do and take continuing education classes in the United States and internationally every year to stay on top of the latest scientific information. I take dentistry to the next level by taking a complete health approach. I am a perfectionist in every sense of the word and am not satisfied until it is perfect. I strive to be empathetic, caring and a good listener. I want my patients to feel comfortable every step of their treatment.”

Rest assured, if you are looking for a dentist for you and your family, Dr. Smith is an excellent choice. You’ll be very pleased with her compassionate demeanor and the comprehensive dental services she offers.