Paying For Dental Care: A Guide To Your Options

WE DON’T SIMPLY clean teeth and fill cavities at our practice—we educate our patients! From the moment you walk through our door to the moment you schedule your next appointment, we’re prepared to guide you through each step of your visit.

One topic we are often asked about is paying for your dental care. Restoring and cleaning your teeth doesn’t have to clean out your wallet, so today we want to provide you with all of the information you need to know when you’re scheduling your next appointment.

We Have Payment Options To Suit Your Needs

Washington Smiles Complete Dentistry provides a variety of different financial options to help ensure that our patients can get the quality dentistry they are in need of without creating a financial burden on them. Listed below are our main forms of payment options that we accept.

Dental Health Plan

Our Dental Health Plan is a reduced fee dental plan that is provided through the office for those individuals and families, just like yours, without dental insurance that allows you to enjoy the benefits of quality dental services at prices that make sense in today’s economy.


  • Benefits for individuals or entire families.
  • 2 regular cleanings per year at NO EXTRA CHARGE.
  • 2 complete oral health examinations, oral cancer screening and x-rays at NO EXTRA CHARGE.
  • Additional treatment at 20% off the regular dental fees with NO deductibles.
  • No waiting periods or yearly maximums.


In the office we accept many forms of dental insurance. The office goes above and beyond to to ensure that we verify all dental coverage prior to the day of treatment and have answered any questions that may have arised regarding dental coverage for the patient. As a courtesy to our patients we go over estimated out of pocket costs after insurance with patients prior to starting treatment to limit any financial surprises.

Care Credit

For the patient’s that would prefer to make monthly payments our office accepts Care Credit. Care Credit can be applied for in our office and once approved we can move forward with treatments. Through the office we we pay the interest for 6 to 12 months for those patients who qualify. In the event you would need to extend your payments further out than 12 months there are lower interest options also available. You can even apply for Care Credit from the comfort of your own home by logging into the website at www.carecredit.com or calling (800) 365-8295.

Bright, Healthy Smiles Are Priceless

Whichever option you choose, we are committed to providing our patients with quality, personalized care. If you have any questions about payment for your oral health care or if you’re curious about specific treatment pricing for yourself or someone you care about, feel free to give us a call. We’d love to help you receive the care you need at the price that fits your budget.

Thank you for continuing to place your trust our practice.