iTero Intraoral Scanner

iTero Intraoral Scanner

One of the least enjoyable steps to getting braces, implants, or retainers is having an impression taken of your teeth. But what if there was a piece of technology that rendered this step unnecessary? Good news, because that’s exactly what the iTero Intraoral Scanner does!

What Is An iTero Intraoral Scanner?

The iTero intraoral scanner propels today’s dental practice into the future by enhancing the patient experience and elevating clinical precision. Its parallel confocal imaging technology uses optical and laser scanning to achieve accurate scans in color.

Why Is This Scanner A Better Option?

At Washington Smiles, our highly skilled Dentists opt to use a state of the art iTero Scanner to take digital impressions of your teeth rather than traditional impressions. We feel that the iTero Scanner provides more efficient results than traditional impression. The biggest advantage this method has over traditional impressions is that we can see impressions on the screen in real time.

Scanners can even show spots where there are gaps missing as data is still scanning. When this happens, we can simply move the wand back over these problem spots. This is incredibly beneficial in correcting mistakes before they happen. In traditional impressions, it is impossible to catch any mistakes until the model is cast and then the process must be repeated. Digital impressions have also been found to be 11% more accurate than traditional methods.

Additionally, digital impressions have a much speedier turnaround time than traditional impressions. 

Come Get Your Scan!

If you’ve been avoiding important dental work because you didn’t want to go through the impression process, then you’ll love our intraoral scanner! Schedule an appointment with us by calling (636) 239-6328 today so we can get you one step closer to the smile you deserve!

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