On-site Dental Labs

Having an on-site dental lab saves patients money and time. There is very little wait time to get crowns (and other restorations) fabricated, which means less dental appointments for you in the long run.

Benefits of having an on-site dental lab

  • We can measure, order, and create crowns, veneers, and bridges at our state-of-the-art dental lab at Washington Smiles instead of outsourcing this work to a lab elsewhere in the country.
  • Our dentists can oversee the creation of custom dental appliances, which helps decrease error rates during the fabrication process.
  • Patients do not have to wait nearly as long for customized veneers, bridges, and crowns. Our custom appliances are created in half the time it would take an off-site lab to do.
  • Patients save money for custom dental appliances and do not have to come back to our office multiple times for appointments.

Now you can benefit from our on-site lab at Washington Smiles for your custom dental appliances!