Marty Brunworth

 Washington Smiles

A former engineer turned dentist, Dr. Marty Brunworth (called “Bambino” by his two older brothers) has a unique set of skills that sets him apart from your average dental professional. Not only does he have a thorough knowledge of dentistry, but his engineering background helps him to understand the entire process and to better communicate that process to his patients.As a hometown boy who was born and raised right here in Washington, Dr. Brunworth believes that dentistry is his true calling to help make this world a better place.

Whether it’s right here in his own backyard or thousands of miles away on a medical mission trip in Kenya, Dr. Brunworth is committed to providing each patient with high-quality dental care.

Listen to Dr. Brunworth’s radio interviews:

Married in 2017, Dr. Brunworth and his wife have two pet fish as well as a small puppy, Willow, that really likes to nap (when you see Dr. Brunworth at your appointment, ask him if the fish naps, too).

When he isn’t practicing dentistry, spending time with his wife or napping with his puppy, Dr. Brunworth enjoys an eclectic combination of hobbies including fishing, hunting, food plot management, golf, gardening, raising chickens, woodworking, and many, many more (in fact, his hobby is “having hobbies”).

Here are a few other fun facts about Dr. Brunworth:

He considers his dad his superhero.

He has lived in St. Louis, MO, Durham, NC, Charleston, SC, Kansas City, MO, and spent summers in Estes Park, CO as a fly fishing guide during college.

He majored in Biomedical Engineering at St. Louis University and then went on to earn a Masters Degree in Engineering Management from Duke University before getting his dental degree from the University of Missouri Kansas City Dental School.

While in school he loved math. English? Not so much.

He works hard to treat each and every patient like family and he happens to be his mom’s dentist (talk about pressure)!

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