Mahsa Astani

Mahsa Astani

 Union Smiles

Dr. Astani is a native Texan through and through. She completed her undergraduate and professional dental education in her hometown of Dallas, Texas, where she graduated from Texas A&M college of dentistry. So, what brings her to the Midwest? Dr. Astani and her husband, Sama, had been long distance for their entire relationship of nearly 8 years while completing their training at their respective programs in Texas and Oklahoma. Life brought them Midwest to live together for the first time as he further specializes in his field at Barnes Jewish hospital, and she has loved being here ever since!

When she isn’t doing dentistry, she enjoys traveling, cooking, gardening, weightlifting, trying all the best restaurants in town, and cuddling with her Dog, Cyrus. Something most people don’t know about Dr. Astani is that she speaks four languages. She has a genuine love for learning about different cultures and their customs and integrating that into how she cares for her patients.

If you ask Dr. Astani what her personal motto is, she’ll share this quote with you: “I cannot do all the good the world needs. But the world needs all the good I can do.” She strives to apply this to her personal and professional life daily in hopes that she can create a lasting, positive impact on the lives of her patients and the people around her.