Cosmetic Fillings

Do you have a bunch of silver or gold fillings that you’d like to get replaced? Do you want non-harmful fillings that will last long?

Composite fillings are a great solution. They are tooth-colored and can replace decayed areas of a tooth.

? Why do you need a filling?

If you have a cavity, that means the tooth structure is weakened because of decay. You need to get this fixed as soon as possible. At Washington Smiles, we will remove the decayed tooth structure and replace it with a filling.

The filling will protect and retain the tooth’s structure. That’s why it’s called a filling–because it fills in the space where the decay was located.

Cosmetic, tooth-colored fillings

Traditionally, dentists only had one choice for fillings–metal amalgam fillings (gold or silver fillings). Today, cosmetic fillings (composite fillings or tooth-colored fillings) can be used to fix cavities. They are made of a composite resin (plastic) material to mimic the look of a natural tooth.

? Want to replace old fillings with composite fillings?

Amalgam fillings are darker than a natural tooth so they often appear differently than the tooth’s natural color (sometimes called the “metal-mouth” look). This is often the reason why many people choose to remove old amalgams and get composite fillings.

Another reason why people replace old silver or gold fillings– amalgams can corrode and leak over time. This can lead to significant tooth staining and substantial health consequences due to the mercury content in amalgams.

? Many patients choose composite fillings, but why?

  • Composite fillings offer several advantages.
  • Composites are natural looking and nearly invisible in your mouth.
  • Composites don’t have the dark appearance as traditional amalgams.
  • Composites are tightly bonded to the existing tooth structure, creating a long-lasting solution for small cavities.
  • Composites do not pose a health danger since they do not contain metal.

? Interested in composite fillings?

If you have a cavity or if you want to replace old amalgams, composite fillings may be right for you. Composite fillings can typically be completed during one office visit to Washington Smiles. The process is very similar to the dental bonding procedure actually.

If you are interested, please call our office today to schedule your consultation appointment.