Registered Dental Hygienist


Whitney has been a Registered Dental Hygienist since 2011, and has been Washington Smiles since January of 2015. She has lived Washington, MO most of her life and she wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Washington is home to her and her family. She loves meeting new people and considers herself a “people person!”

“What I love most about my profession is making a strong connection with patients. Proper education is imperative in keeping my patients healthy, and informing them of the systemic link to keeping a healthy body as well. I love what I do; not only is it rewarding in helping my patients, but it empowers me to know that I am right where I need to be, and that is with my amazing team at Washington Smiles. Being part of such a great team doesn’t happen to everybody. I feel blessed to be able to fully love my career!”

She greatly enjoys spending time with her family, especially her son Tucker. She enjoys an active lifestyle, weight lifting and cross-fit. Being healthy is a priority for her, and so is setting a good example for her son. She also enjoys volunteering in our community and is very active in her church and son’s school.