Expanded Functions Dental Assistant

Erin Prilwetz was born here in Washington, MO and grew up in the area. She lives in Beaufort with her family, has three amazing children, and is married to her best friend, Ben.

Erin has been a dental assistant for 15 years now. She loves being an assistant because she can improve the appearance of patient’s smiles and their overall health. After completing the dental assisting program, she took on more classes to expand her abilities as a dental assistant. She loves her job and doing what she does.

Outside of work she’s traveling with her family going to bullrides or on the boat with her family during the summer.

She and her husband own their own rodeo production company called Rafter 7P and put on local bull and bronc rides along with American freestyle bullfighting.

Her husband is the marketing director for the National Federation of Professional Bullriders and a judge for the PBR so they do a lot of traveling with the NFPB and PBR. When they are not on the road, they enjoy grilling and having bonfires at their house with family and friends.

She hopes to meet you soon!