Dental Sealants for Strong, Protected Teeth

Dental sealants provide a way to protect teeth from tooth decay and plaque. They are usually placed on children’s molars and premolars (the teeth that are the most difficult to clean because of the pits and fissures) soon after the permanent teeth erupt.

In order to prevent cavities, plaque must be properly removed so it doesn’t lead to tooth decay. Sealants provide a protective layer by using a composite plastic material to fill in the pits and fissures where plaque usually resides. Even though sealants are great for children’s preventative dentistry, adults who are prone to tooth decay can also get sealants.

What to expect from the sealants procedure

The process of placing sealants is similar to dental bonding and composite veneers. We will start with a thorough exam and a professional cleaning. We will prepare the tooth’s surface with an etching solution so the sealants can have a tight bond with the tooth. Once the tooth is prepared, we will literally paint the tooth’s surface with the composite resin material.

A special light will be used to instantly harden the sealant onto the tooth. We will check to make sure your bite is normal and comfortable, and make any adjustments where necessary.

What to expect after the sealants procedure

Once the sealants are placed, you can eat and bite as you normally would. Sealants are considered a permanent restoration, but they won’t last forever, unfortunately. Sealants typically last five years or longer. If it gets damaged or wears away, it’s okay because the material is non-toxic, and it can be repaired or replaced using the same procedure mentioned earlier.

If you’d like superior protection for your teeth to prevent plaque buildup and tooth decay, call Washington Smiles for an appointment.