CEREC® Crowns and Restorations

CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) crowns and restorations by Sirona Dental Systems fabricates ceramic or porcelain restorations in one office visit.

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The CEREC technology

Using CEREC technology at Washington Smiles allows us to:

  • create crowns, onlays, and inlays in an efficient way (during one office visit).
  • make natural-looking restorations for a flawless smile.
  • use porcelain when crafting crowns, which creates a natural-looking, stain-resistant result.
  • use the CEREC milling machine and digital imaging software to create restorations in our office as opposed to sending results to an outside laboratory and waiting. This in-office process saves patients’ time and money.
  • customize the following aspects to create natural-looking porcelain crowns: the color, length, and shape of the teeth.

? How else can CEREC technology benefit patients?

  • CEREC technology does not involve an invasive process. This allows our dentists to save as much of the natural tooth structure as possible.
  • CEREC porcelain crowns often appear more natural than other types of crowns.
  • Since they are made of porcelain, CEREC crowns and restorations last long.
  • CEREC technology saves you time and money since everything is completed in one office visit and in house.

CEREC crowns and restorations at Washington Smiles

If you want to fix your severely decayed teeth or fix other dental problems, CEREC technology may benefit you the most. If you are interested, call Washington Smiles today to schedule a consultation appointment.